An adorable story about making new friends and finding creative solutions to playground problems.

A pair of pears rocked on a seesaw.
A pair of pears played ping-pong.
A pair of pears rode their tandem bike.
Until one day, someone new wanted
to join their fun.

Big Pear and Little Pear love playing together. But when Orange joins in, their games don’t work and Big Pear feels left out. A relatable, hilarious, and kind-hearted tale about navigating friendship when three definitely starts to feel like a crowd!

Published By Scribble (Scribe)
Printed in Pantone colours
Hardback RRP $24.99 AUD

A Pair of Pears Cover

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About the creator

Melbourne based author/illustrator/designer Anna McGregor is devoted to giving her young readers modern, fun, quirky and conceptual stories.

Anna finds her ideas by turning the mundane on its head, merging two unrelated thoughts or exploring wordplay – but always with a story that connects to the human experience.

Anemone Is Not The Enemy (Scribble) is her second book as author/illustrator.

Image: Anna as a child on Slide.


Activity sheets coming soon.

A Pair of Pears and an Orange Activities