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🌟 2020 SCWBI Crystal Kite Awards Finalist.

When three different groups of kangaroos – red, blue and yellow – all come to the same watering hole, they aren’t sure what to make of each other at first. But they soon discover that they aren’t so different after all. As the three groups become one, new colours appear, and soon the roos have created a beautiful rainbow!

On the surface, this is a fun, light-hearted story about the colour spectrum, but on deeper level it is a beautiful celebration of diversity.

Published by Hachette.

Hardback RRP $24.95 AUD
Paperback RRP $14.95 AUD

Anna as a child with a Kangaroo

About the creator

Anna McGregor is a creator of modern, quirky and conceptual stories with humour and heart. Since beginning her career as a graphic designer, Anna is now emerging as an award-winning picture book author/illustrator.

Anna has a deep curiosity of all things and finds her ideas by turning the mundane on its head, merging ideas or exploring wordplay — but always with a story that connects to the human experience.

Teachers notes

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