A Pair of Pears and an Orange Book Cover


🌟 Speech Pathology Australia Children’s Book of the Year Winner of the 3–5 year-old category.

🌟 UK Teach Primary Book Awards Early Years runner up.

An adorable story about making new friends and finding creative solutions to playground problems.

A pair of pears rocked on a seesaw.
A pair of pears played ping-pong.
A pair of pears rode their tandem bike.
Until one day, someone new wanted
to join their fun.

Big Pear and Little Pear love playing together. But when Orange joins in, their games don’t work and Big Pear feels left out. A relatable, hilarious, and kind-hearted tale about navigating friendship when three definitely starts to feel like a crowd!

Published By Scribble (Scribe)
Printed in Pantone colours

Available in:
Australia & New Zealand
UK & Ireland
USA & Canada
South Korea
China (coming soon)
Romania (coming soon)
Thailand (coming soon)

The Idea

The idea for A Pair of Pears and an Orange first came to me as the title. I was brainstorming word-play ideas, and 'A Pair of Pears' struck me as a fun idea to explore. I imagined a harmonious friendship of two pears, but a story needs drama, so I introduced a third character, Orange. I chose an orange because there was something about the sound of the word orange that clashed with the sound of pair/pears, and the shape and colour of an orange are in contrast to the pears. With my characters set, the idea of games for two came next and seemed like an excellent way to set up and then unravel the pears' perfect world. I also introduced three peas in a pod for humour and drama when Big Pear's problems go from bad to worse.

As a child, my family moved a lot. I went from school to schools across three states and had to learn how to make friends. As an already sensitive person, I became ultra-perceptive to the ins and outs of friendship dynamics. Like most people, I've been all three of these main characters at various times, and I hope my empathy and lived experience shines through. No one character is right or wrong in this predicament, but they all learn and adapt by the story's end, making for a satisfying story where children can draw their conclusions.

I'm very proud of this deceptively simple book, the cute, modern illustrations pop off the page with a limited palette of neon and pastel colours and a tactile linen-textured cover.

About the creator

Anna McGregor is a creator of modern, quirky and conceptual stories with humour and heart. Since beginning her career as a graphic designer, Anna is now emerging as an award-winning picture book author/illustrator.

Anna has a deep curiosity of all things and finds her ideas by turning the mundane on its head, merging ideas or exploring wordplay — but always with a story that connects to the human experience.