Spiro’s formula for spidery success- 11% hunger to succeed (or actual hunger) 34% trying again and again … and again! 53% giving it another shot And 2% spider silk. A hilarious tale of one spider’s determined search for a decent meal from award winning author and illustrator Anna McGregor.

Published by Scribble, an Imprint of Scribe Publications
Printed in CMYK and fluoro Pink


The Idea

The idea for Spiro came to me over the summer. On my back verandah, a spider made a web from a deck chair to a lawn mower to a potted plant etc., and each day I would remove and use an item, breaking its web. The next day, the web was reformed, but the design would be tweaked and thus, the idea for Spiro was born.

About the creator

Anna McGregor is a creator of modern, quirky and conceptual stories with humour and heart. Since beginning her career as a graphic designer, Anna is now emerging as an award-winning picture book author/illustrator.

Anna has a deep curiosity of all things and finds her ideas by turning the mundane on its head, merging ideas or exploring wordplay — but always with a story that connects to the human experience.

Anna McGregor holding Spiro