Pirate & Gypsy

Branding and technology

A work in progress.

Pirate & Gypsy is a tale of two wicked souls
who pair up on a greedy quest for treasure.

Pirate needs a crystal ball and Gypsy needs a ship, but their journey is not smooth sailing as their voyage hits a succession of set-backs.

Are they double crossing each other or has
their trusted advisor ‘Crystal ball’ been sending them astray?


The crystal ball showed them
much to their pleasure;
at the edge of the earth
there’s a chest full of treasure!

Crystal ball was wise
Crystal ball was old,
and Gypsy knew well
they should do what they’re told.

The very next day
they sailed out to the ocean;
the wind was howling strong
and Pirate’s plan was set in motion.

You see, Pirate was a man –
minus a limb;
who didn’t pick up gypsies
based on a whim.

He was a man
at the end of his tether
who’d sailed the Seven Seas
without finding any treasure!


  • Branding
  • Naming
  • Technology