Haircuts by Hernando

Haircuts by Hernando is a humorous, rhyming verse, picture book, aimed at 4-8-year-olds in the same vein as Pig the Pug (Aaron Blabey) and Mr Magnolia (Quentin Blake).

The Manuscript for Haircuts by Hernando won a Highly Commended Andrea Pinkley Writer Award at the SCBWI 2016 Bi-Annual Conference. I have since edited in more conflict to create a rounded story based on feedback I received at the conference.

This modern tale starts with the shocking discovery that a new hair salon ‘Cuts By Dee’ has open up right next door to ‘Haircuts by Hernando’.

Hernando vows to defend his position as the town’s number 1 hairdresser with the promise to fulfill any request. Customer-by-customer we meet the diverse town folk and marvel at their dramatic hair transformations at the hands of this ‘hair extraordinaire’.

Hernando darts between customers, weaving his magic on the frizzy-haired, the follicly-challenged and everything in-between. It’s a demanding job and his day quickly takes a turn when he’s called on to save a hairdo that’s gone hilariously wrong at the hands of his next door competition ‘Dee’.

The inspiration for the Character of Hernando is a mixture of my Argentinian husband and my old housemate who had a salon in the back room of our house, she is a very popular hairdresser with the trendy folk of inner city Melbourne. On a daily basis, I’d watch a succession of wild and original haircuts get paraded from the backroom to the front door.

This truly unique, fast paced, 32-page picture book would make for an excellent ‘lift the flap’ book revealing the ‘after’ image. Quirky surprises within the illustrations also add sub-text to the story.