A Glimmer in the Void

Option 1

Hand lettering & digital photo manipulation
This concept is place centric as the sea caves feature heavily in the book, it’s also symbolises ‘the void’.
The ‘glimmering’ hand drawn type will jump off the shelf with a holographic foil.

Option 2

Type setting & digital photo manipulation
This concept is character centric and a little more conceptual by showing a year book photo with the protagonist’s name, title “swim team captain” and quote “No one learns to swim in the shallow end of the pool”, further intrigue is created through the juxtaposed angry cross-out over his face.

Option 3

Type setting & digital photo manipulation
This cover concept is taken from a pivotal scene from the book where the protagonist begins to fight for life again, I’ve really tried to capture the protagonists anguish with photo distortion, high horizon line and saturated colour.
The quote on the cover (made up for portfolio purposes only) helps to reinforce the books worth and subject matter.

The Brief

Author: Anna McGregor
Title: A Glimmer in the Void
Target: Young Adult (15-22) Male & Female

Ben, a popular year 12 student is poised to swim in the next Olympics, but that future is shattered after a car accident kills his best friend and leaves his leg permanently injured.
Unable to fulfill his dream and carrying the grief and guilt of his friends death, Ben becomes a recluse and his life begins to spiral.
In a bid of desperation, his concerned mum sends him to live with his eccentric grandfather – a renouned conservationist who lives on a remote pacific island. An island with no internet and no reminders from his past.
On the Island Ben rebuild a relationship with his grandfather, rekindles childhood friendships, discovers the islands secret ancient magic, and falls madly in love.
Piece-by-piece he rebuilds a life: a very different one, with ambitions greater than himself but with the looming threat of precious metal mining, can he save the island that has saved him?