Mother Megs

Festive Range 2008

The brief for this range of packaging was to design a look that was Christmas appropriate but not Christmas specific, allowing it to be sold after Christmas and throughout Asia.

The resulting concept was inspired by my parent’s friend Bobbie who would create a vase full of elegant sticks and bird ornaments every Christmas. I searched the city for the perfect sticks and photographed them myself.

The handwritten poems I wrote are about family gatherings and help to link the festive theme together:

“A time when family gets together, we live far and wide but we’re birds of a feather”.

“Returning home once a year, back to the memories I hold so dear, down to the country, a wonderful drive, where mama still keeps the traditions alive.”

“New branches form on our family tree, but the songs from the birds have been with me, throughout the years when I hear their song, I know celebration won’t be long.”

>Gold for packaging in DIA’s QDOS awards
>Gold for packaging in the PICA awards